Construction & Hardware Materials

Our friendly staff welcomes the "Do it yourselfers" and can assist you with application and product recommendations to fit your project needs.

Bluesky Perfection Limited supplies a wide range of construction and hardware materials for your project needs including;

  • Sand, 
  • Cement,
  • Building stones,
  • Ballast,
  • metal bars,
  • paint,
  • tiles,
  • timber,
  • ceramic wares,
  • Taps,
  • tanks and pipes
  • among others. 

All the materials we supply are strictly sourced from genuine manufacturers and dealers in the region. Our transportation vehicles are well maintained and are serviced regularly to maintain efficiency. This means we deliver to you quality materials, on time and within budget.

We deliver to you quality materials, on time and within budget.

With our vast experience and an excellent track record, we have positioned ourselves as the ideal solution provider for all residential and commercial development projects. Our skillful team pride themselves on being respectful, polite, highly professional, efficient and for constantly being able to meet deadlines. Our work reputation and delivery methods are impeccable and well regarded amongst our clients and all our stakeholders. We seek to continuously grow and improve to become a regional leader in the supply market.

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