Real Estate Services

Bluesky Perfection Limited, one of the fastest growing commercial real estate companies, provides nationwide management and consulting services. Industry knowledge, experience, and attentive customer services drives Bluesky’s trajectory. 

A streamlined approach eliminates non-productive tasks; Agents have the ability to focus their time and efforts on clients, not corporate bureaucracy. The modern real estate market requires an aggressive marking strategy, utilizing innovative concepts including current social media trends. We deliver what the market requires.

Real Estate Agency

Bluesky Perfection Limited has become a total solution brand ensuring all aspects of property and financial BLUESKY services are catered for. What this offers our clients, in this busy modern era, is the confidence that they are looked after from inception to completion. This has paid dividend as today we have both small enterprises and large corporates making enquiries on our property portfolio. We help our clients in making the right decisions when buying, leasing or selling property. 

Whether you’re looking for a rental or a piece of land, we have a wide spectrum of unique neighborhoods and land to match your lifestyle. We have one of the largest exclusive selections of luxury homes in the region for buyers and tenants looking for a home. We understand that Real Estate is about real people who want real results. Our agency service is rich in integrity and commonsense, high in results and proven customer satisfaction. Our agents are down to earth, hardworking, straight talking professionals.


Bluesky Perfection Limited believes that no firm or individual should undertake a large investment or major expansion without a clear understanding of the risks, costs and revenues involved. While some may have the in-house skills and experience to prepare this analysis, others find the assistance of a third party invaluable in developing and checking the market assumptions that support a business plan.
Our consulting team has extensive experience in evaluating and providing economic and project feasibility analysis for clients both in the private and public sectors especially with relation to real estate investments. With expertise in these areas, we’re able to leverage our integrated skillset to produce a better, higher-quality valuation and/or appraisal

Property Management

With an industry-leading reputation, our rare combination of real estate and property management expertise BLUESKY allows us to produce a more comprehensive, reliable, and accurate services, while our litigation experience allows us to build a stronger case in real estate disputes—so our clients have a better chance at success. We process all complete tenancy applications upon submittal. We are particularly discerning when it comes to maintaining the quality of our tenants for our managed properties, each application is carefully processed ensuring that the potential tenants are able to meet and maintain all responsibilities of the tenancy agreement. We keep you informed of applications, so you can take part in the selection and decision process.

We work with a wide range of landlords to provide a dedicated property management service with the experience, expertise and focus required to manage all complex aspects of residential and commercial lettings. The team is fully equipped; from electricians, plumbers, security services, cleaning crew, we engage only but the best in the market. Meeting the needs of our customers is our core focus.

Construction & Development

Bluesky Perfection Limited has become synonymous with the development of ultra-high commercial, residential, retail, hospitality and mixed-use properties, making it the a premier quality homes developer in the Kenyan property market. With the housing development industry in Kenya continuing to record increased growth from the current demand of 250,000 housing units per year, Bluesky Perfection Limited has destined to go beyond providing homes, but developing luxury living.

In a span of 3 years, we have risen to be an acclaimed developer, boosted by our non-compromising use of cutting edge technology, high quality construction materials, skilled professionals, and a passion to open up elite property ownership across East Africa. We are dedicated to offering the most innovative, ultra high solutions for both local and foreign investors

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