About Us

Our Values

Our corporate values are empathy, originality, honesty and integrity. The values underline how we compete and operate in the competitive market place. We conduct our business openly with honesty, integrity and trust with respect to human
rights. We obey and operate in accordance with the law.



We are able to understand the needs of each of our clients.



We think and operate independently and creatively.



We are truthful and sincere in all that we do.



We are guided by transparency and strong moral principles.

Our Vision

Blue sky Perfection Limited aims to provide our customers with the best combination of value, products and service through:-

  • Competitive pricing
  • Efficient sourcing
  • Widest product range
  • Personalized, friendly and efficient service
  • Effective and knowledgeable staff complement
  • Service delivery with a sense of urgency – best
    on time delivery

Our Mission

To become the preferred office products supplier, consistently meeting the highest expectations of discerning and demanding customers.

Our Staff

Our staff is the foundation of our excellence and strength. They comprise of experienced, dedicated and committed professionals. We are fully committed to fair and effective recruitment, development and recognition of our staff. We provide them with training, tools and support in order to achieve service excellence. Bluesky Perfection Ltd builds careers. Our door is always open to hire highly skilled and motivated individuals who want to develop to their full potential while playing a key role in our future plans. Solid growth opportunities are available that provide progression from entry level to senior management positions. Career development opportunities are further enhanced through our integrated regional presence.


We design solutions, rather than just fulfilling requirements. This requires research, engagement with the task at hand and innovative thinking


Like our products, we perform at the highest level possible. Our superior performance not only keeps our customers happy, but it enriches our lives too


We work hard to create and build long term relationships – with our customers, our suppliers, and our staff

Practical Experience

Our growth and development strategy involves defined practical experience in project management, augmented with annual training programs to accelerate career progression. We develop and train our staff to be professional leaders of tomorrow. We liaise with qualified outsourcing companies on a regular basis to attract & recruit fresh talent.
We liaise with the local vocational institutes to train the fresh undergraduates in technical skills as required by the organization & then, after the training, absorb them into the organization seamlessly to further their careers in a fruitful & positive manner.

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